Incentivizing and rewarding stakeholders can be a costly and time-intensive initiative for any company. This endeavor is further complicated when a company wishes to implement B2B or B2C loyalty programs, especially if the full supply chain is not visible to the company.


Qara offers digitized, customizable, and scalable incentives & loyalty programs for manufacturers throughout the supply chain for all their stakeholders. This empowers producers to not only create tailored programs on multiple levels that increase sales, but also to enhance the customer experience and strengthen their distribution channels.

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Demand Generation

Clients use our Push & Pull marketing programs so that demand is in their hands period.

Visibility & Traceability

Track, trace, and visualize your product’s journey through the supply chain every step of the way a period.


Manage your 1K or 1M partners and let our solutions catalyze your business growth at any stage.

Push Marketing

Promote and forecast product demand. Take advantage of economies of scale like never before.

Authenticate, Track, and Trace with Qara
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