Qara enables producers to safeguard the investment they make towards product quality and reliability.

Qara’s anti-counterfeiting solution safeguards both buyers and producers. Qara reinforces the investment of producers towards quality and reliability by protecting their brand from copycats.

Qara’s product
authentication benefits


Through unique QR codes for each product unit off the production line, stakeholders can use the manufacturer’s and Qara’s mobile applications to guarantee the authenticity of the products they buy.

Product Information

In addition to authentication, stakeholders can access valuable product information including production date, product specifications, product use, installation instructions, and any other information the manufacturer may wish to add.


Qara’s authentication solution intrinsically enables manufacturers to track and trace their product throughout the B2B supply chain through incentivized scans to the Qara QR code. Manufacturers can use this feature to manage and develop the cross flow of their products across different cities and countries.

Push and Pull Marketing

Qara’s authentication and traceability solution provides the infrastructure for digitized push and pull marketing programs for business and consumer-oriented efforts.

Over the last 2 years, we’ve partnered with manufacturers to authenticate more than 100 million product units in the Egyptian and Saudi markets.

By integrating Qara’s anti-counterfeiting system into your production lines, Qara enables your consumers to verify the authenticity of products with your brand.

Track and trace your products and reward your partners instantly.
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