Manufacturers catering to 50K+ users may find connecting with them directly too costly and time consuming. Market prices can be subject to control and hyper elevation by the handful of distributors’ that manufacturers work with directly. Business owners leverage distributors to avoid the hassle and investment of directly selling to thousands, if not millions, of end customers, but in this current system, manufacturers are losing a huge opportunity on price control, end customer connection, higher transactional profit margins, and more. Qara reimagines this system to give power back to the business owner.


The Qara platform provides an entirely digitized supply chain in which manufacturers can connect with their customers directly, and maximize profitability on every transaction. Qara allows manufacturers to set their own price, sell at any time, minimize logistics and financing costs while still selling directly throughout the whole market.

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Price Control

With Qara your company has the unique opportunity of setting the market price for your product, in any location, at any step of the supply chain.

Visibility & Connection

Through Qara, not only will you know who your customers are, but you’ll also develop personalized relationships through customized rewards programs for them.

Stimulate Sales

Connect with all the key players of your supply chain life never before. Having instantaneous tools that can customize benefits for every customer with the click of a button allows you to sell fast and sell more with no hassle.

Light Selling & Distribution

Through our decentralized distribution network system, you as the manufacturer will no longer have to maintain extensive warehouses, logistics fleets or extra personnel to distribute. Qara’s model is both Working Capital and Asset Light.

Authenticate, Track, and Trace with Qara
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